International Standardisation

We have been actively involved in MPEG (the Moving Picture Experts Group, formally ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29 WG11) for many years, where we have been highly successful in winning comparative technology evaluations and having our technologies adopted into MPEG international standards. Our past work includes technologies developed for the MPEG-7 Image Signature and Video Signature standards, which standardise descriptors that enable identification of image and video content respectively, with very high accuracy and robustness to common image and video editing operations.

The most recent technical work item we’ve been involved with is MPEG-7 CDVS (Compact Descriptors for Visual Search). The aim of this activity was to standardise compact and scalable visual content descriptors that enable efficient and interoperable design of visual search applications, i.e. applications allowing matching of views of objects, landmarks, and printed documents with high robustness to background changes, partial occlusions, viewpoint changes, camera parameters, and lighting conditions. Working in CDVS, we developed a technology for local descriptor compression which won MPEG’s comparative evaluation and has been adopted into this standard.