BRIDGET – Bridging the Gap for Enhanced broadcast

A European Commission funded (FP7) project, BRIDGET opens new dimensions for multimedia content creation and consumption by enhancing broadcast programmes with bridgets: links from the programme you are watching to media elements such as web pages, images, 2D/3D video and synthetic 3D models.

The bridgets can be created automatically or manually by broadcasters or end users and may be transmitted in the broadcast stream or independently. They are then filtered by a recommendation engine based on the user’s profile, relevance, quality and other metrics, and delivered either on the main screen or a second screen, in a user-centric and immersive manner, for example within 3D models allowing users to place themselves inside an Augmented Reality (AR) scene.

BRIDGET developed a hybrid broadcast/Internet architecture, professional and end-user authoring tools to generate bridgets and dynamic AR scenes, and a player to select and enjoy the bridgets. The authoring tools and player use a range of sophisticated and innovative technologies extending state-of-the-art in media analysis visual search, and 3D scene reconstruction.

A collaborative R&D project under the EC FP7 framework, BRIDGET brings together universities, research institutes, technology R&D companies, equipment manufacturers and broadcasters across Europe.

More details can be found at the official BRIDGET website.