GLIDE is a high-performance multi-platform solution offering high-speed video analysis and segmentation for video production, editing and publishing.

If you are a developer of video publishing, production or editing systems, the GLIDE engine will provide you with the necessary tools for ultrafast content-adaptive hierarchical segmentation into a shot and scene structure, content-adaptive keyframe selection, and storyboard generation.

The end users of a GLIDE-enabled system, whether in video publishing or production, will benefit from features such as fast video overview, efficient video navigation and storyboard browsing. Video publishers will be able to offer their users new ways of browsing and navigating video content, while for video producers, such as content creators and broadcasters, these features will minimise the cost and effort of video editing and postproduction.

With a streamlined API, the GLIDE engine is designed so that it may be easily integrated in any third-party application or workflow.


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