FIND is a high-speed, high-accuracy, video visual search solution.

Our state-of-the-art video visual search engine enables the matching of videos depicting the same objects or scenes based on visual similarities, without the need for manual annotations or metadata.

If you are a video content producer or broadcaster, integrating the FIND engine in your workflow will allow you to organise, access and search your video archives, and track video content through the production process. This will allow you to ascertain whether and how often a clip has been used, identify similar content in an archive, match rushes to edits, link UGC to production content, etc., based on the visual content of the videos, without the need for manual annotations.

If you are a provider of video editing, management or hosting solutions, the FIND engine will equip your product with the necessary tools for the creation of video databases which are searchable using videos as queries. Your end users will be able to search your hosted content, or create their own video databases for their video content.

With a streamlined API, the FIND engine can be easily integrated in any third party application or workflow.


Download the Product Brochure here