FIND is a high-speed, high-accuracy, image visual search solution.

Our state-of-the-art visual search engine enables the matching of images depicting the same objects or scenes based on visual similarities, without the need for manual annotations or metadata.

If you are a provider of image editing or management solutions, the FIND engine will equip your product with the necessary tools for the creation of image databases which are searchable using images as queries. Your end users will be able to create and maintain their own image databases and efficiently organise, manage and search their image assets.

For providers of image hosting solutions, the FIND engine will allow the creation of image databases which users can search using visual queries.

For developers of mobile apps, such as for e-commerce, tourism or entertainment, the FIND engine will give your app cloud-based and/or terminal based visual search functionality for retrieval of relevant images and associated information.

With a streamlined API, the FIND engine is designed so that it can be easily integrated in any third-party application or workflow.


Download the Product Brochure here