Company Profile

Visual Atoms is an independent R&D company developing advanced solutions in the digital vision domain.

We are a leading provider of content-based visual asset management solutions. Our award winning FIND visual analysis and search solutions help businesses and organizations save time and money by allowing them to search through huge volumes of visual data using visual queries instead of keywords, and have found application in diverse fields, from security and surveillance to video production and broadcasting.

The people behind Visual Atoms have decades of experience in the development of machine learning, computer vision and multimedia technologies, strategic intellectual property generation, and advanced solutions delivery. The company’s expertise includes image and video analysis and coding, multimedia content description and search, machine learning, computer vision, pattern recognition, ISO/IEC MPEG standardisation and intellectual property generation.

Capitalising on the extensive experience and track record of its people, Visual Atoms offers business-to-business services ranging from custom solution development to specialised technology consulting and international standardisation support.